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Curriculum Vitae:

A curriculum vitae refers to a life record, a summary of the set of studies, merits, positions, awards, professional experience that someone has developed or obtained throughout their professional or academic life. Currently, we are exposed to a great impersonality in which summaries like this one can partly determine the value that people in these specific areas (they would have). Although it is necessary and important, it should not be decisive enough to determine an individual's real assessment of their professional performance.


Like everyone else, I also have my script, my ¨piéce de resistance¨ and (like everyone else) I try to make it as attractive as possible. But they are still just words on paper. In addition to the need to summarize our lives in such a cold way, I invite you to try to learn more about the real value of a person beyond a simple compendium of professional titles and work history.


Below I leave a copy in *.pdf of my script available, which although it does not define me as an individual, is essential when it comes to establishing a bond between someone who values (and potentially) sees that my training and skills can be useful in their organization . ​


“A man's life is interesting especially if he has failed. This indicates that he tried to surpass himself.” (GEORGES BENJAMIN CLEMENCEAU)


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